1 week against TF

We are half way through the treatment now!

I found out that it is easier to make breaks and do something else between medicating groups of cats, I get less exhausted that way. Now I give meds to 3-4 of the big cats, first, then to 2-3 of the big ones and then the kittens, they are the easiest to medicate.

Happy Valentine’s day! These are our ♥

6 comments on “1 week against TF

    • Tack!
      Det är de vita, Claire, Dexters mamma, och hennes bror Albert som inte var med när jag filmat. Och Maven, vår bondkatt; hon ligger aldrig i en siameshög, det blir för varmt för henne. 🙂

  1. Heavens you have such well behaved little Siamese cats !!!! lol!! Jelena they are beautiful but I have NO idea how you got them all still in once place at the same time !!! You must have used superglue !!!

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