Albert is a dark genius and a great artist

A beheaded pig greets us as we enter our home. A Yule goat from the upper floor, dragged all over the house and pushed down the stairs, is lying lifelessly in the corridor.

A cow has met its end by drowning in a bowl in the kitchen.

Under the Christmas tree devoid of half of its decorations sits Albert and stares at us. We have been away. The whole day. He worked on his latest performance and is happy to present it for us.

The crown of his creation meets us when I throw my tired bottom on the sofa, landing it midst of a pile of wet mice and fluffy white hearts; all the red ribbons that they hung by meticulously pulled out and left aside



3 comments on “Albert is a dark genius and a great artist

  1. Oh dear !!! Poor Albert …. being left…. alone .. for SO long … at Christmastime !!!! Poor tree ….. poor decorations !!!! WE used to have two black sister cats, who had Siamese grandparents…. our Nativity set was simple and very small, made of some type of hard plastic and it was put out every Christmas since we were married in 1977. EVERY year … almost every night that it was under the tree ….. the ox went missing. I would find him … beaten to death against the skirting board on the wall, or under a chair … Only ever him. Never the ass, nor the shepherd or Kings .. not Mary, Joseph or baby Jesus …. only the ox! Why ?? I have NO idea. Perhaps Albert knows !!!! lol!!! A late Merry Christmas to you all … XXXX

    • Merry Christmas and Happy New year to you too! 🙂
      Yes, why oh why? I wonder sometimes what he’s been thinking! And all the other kitties with peculiar ideas! 🙂

  2. They are simply Siamese I would say…
    Our first one, dear Alice, was suddenly in the top of the tree and it just fell down with all the decorations of course including a lot of glass…

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