Jossan is having a surgery

Jossan is my cat, I adore her. She is one person’s cat, and I was lucky to be that person. She chose me.

Jossan is turning 8 years in December, and she was always healthy, more or less; she had a food allergy once, some teeth problems that were all fixed latest this June.

She also had an idiopathic cystitis once, when I closed the door to our bedroom for about a week at nights and she could not sleep in my bed. I was just operated and no one could sleep close to me, because of my cut healing. She was crying in front of the door at nights. Joakim tried to cuddle with her and calm her down, but it would not last. I cuddled her, it was ok, I would crawl back to bed (it was hard for me to move), and she was upset and crying again. I guess I smelled like hospital still or she smelled I am not entirely well yet. She was examined and got noninflammatory medicine that helped her symptoms, but basically  she got well when I got well.

She and I are very close, Joakim says we have a telepathic connection. Sometimes it feels like that, it is true. She gave birth to her kittens in my lap. Only one, Eleonora was born in our bed, without me being there at the begining of her giving birth.

She was in her top form this summer, and was even exhibited and got many appraisals.

Jossan, September 2015

Jossan, September 2015

But that all changed recently, she started picking her fur, I though – allergy again? What now? I started changing food to what I knew she never reacted to. Not better. I brushed her teeth, she got Stomodine gel in her mouth (she is prone to gingivitis). She did not get better. She eats well, she is as happy and cuddly as always, but something is not right. What, what?!

I examined her and felt a cluster of small knots in one of her mammary glands. I froze. I just felt I was falling down into nothing. The mammary gland tumors in cats are often not benign, they are almost always bad.That was late Sunday night, and I was on the phone to the veterinary Monday morning (this happened 10 days ago) when the veterinary clinic just opened. We got the appointment the same evening.

And, what we found out, after 2 hours of examinations there – the blood works is fine, but the tumors must go away soon. She will be operated tomorrow. They did an x-ray on Jossan, since those kind of tumors may be aggressive and spread fast, often to lungs. Her lungs and other organs looked good! That felt a bit better, but I still was sitting there, crying.

Jossan’s fur picking seems not to be an allergy, but an over reactive immune system. She has what it looks like a beginning of stomatitis in her mouth, so it could be that that causes the pain which makes he pick her fur. It can be managed sometimes with cortisone (prednisolone), or in different ways, even extracting all teeth in some cases. They are not sure yet what will work for her.

We are taking one step at a time. First Jossan got Prednisolone to get down the itch and inflammation in her mouth. We started with a high dose that we went down with, before the operation, since taking cortisone may slow the healing process after the operation. We started with that immediately after last Monday’s veterinary visit. Prednisolone worked well, she stopped itching, and is not pulling her fur anymore. We went down in dose now, she is still well. That is good!

Tomorrow she is having her first surgery, they will remove the whole one side of her mammary glands, then analyze it and we will take it from there. I will work from home on Friday and take care of her.

I am very nervous and on a verge of tears often. She is my baby. I hope so much we caught all this in time. She had no tumors I could feel in August and September and she had dental check in June and all fine after that.

I promised her she will be well, and pain free and run around in our garden next spring and summer again.

6 comments on “Jossan is having a surgery

  1. oh dearests Jelena and Joakim !! This must have been so shocking to find in your beloved Jossan!! I am praying that she is fine, and heals quickly and well from her surgery. I pray too that this picking of fur, and the sore mouth thing goes away too ! Perhaps … it was a good thing ~ because you started to check her out and examine her and found those little ‘knots’ early! If she hadn’t have been acting oddly, you might never have found them until much, much later!

    Give Jossan a nice stroke and cuddle (when you can) from me too. Do you know what Reiki is ?? (a sort of healing ) I will ‘send’ some to Jossan, as it seems to work well with animals too.

    Much love to you all ! XXXXX

  2. I hope that you have found the ‘lumps’ early and that they are able to have her running around very soon.

    I understand your special bond as I also have one girl that I have a very special bond with. I cannot begin to think how you are feeling as I know I would be totally distraught if anything happens to my girl.

    Hugs to your baby. xxx

    • Thank you, Ann! I will hug her some extra. ❤
      I am trying to be normal and cheerful around her, since I know she can feel how I feel, and I do not want to make her worried. It is hard. And I am spoiling her even more than usual!

  3. Thank you so much, dear Susan! We appreciate all the positive energy and thoughts for our Jossan that she may get. ❤
    We are leaving her for the operation tomorrow 8 AM, and getting her back home in the afternoon. I am very nervous. But she is a strong cat and a fighter, I know she is!

  4. I hope it goes well for you all. People who don’t have animals can’t even imagine how precious they are to us and how we need them to find balance in life. Moments like these are just so difficult to get through. Just love her and love her as much as you can…

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