Halloween where we live

Today Jossan is a bit better. She does not want to eat that much though, so I feed her, and then she starts eating herself. Her temperature is 38°, which is good for a cat, no fever, no too low temperature. Her cut looks good. A lot of bruising, but no infection or blood or foul smell.

I have washed her body sock and am watching Jossan now, taking care that she does not lick her stitches while the body sock dries.

I draw a comic while lying on the floor, next to her, waiting. She is purring. ❤ I draw comics about us and our cats sometimes.

Everybody loves "Dreamies"!

Everybody loves “Dreamies”!

2 comments on “Halloween where we live

  1. Dreamies ?? Oh yes indeed my two love them too !! Mind you .. we weren’t expecting the ghoulish visitors this year as we have never had any before in Portugal, but this IS a new house…so we were caught out! We nearly had to give the children I mean ghouls and such the several packets of Dreamies I had secreted away .. but my father in law came to the rescue and sacrifices his rather large back of sucking sweets … which I divided up between my three visitors!!!

    I am glad to hear about Jossan, and hope you all have a very happy Halloween !!! ❤

  2. Joakim has actually bought a big bag with sweets (two actually; one for him, another for our little visitors), so he came to the rescue. 🙂
    Thank you! Jossan is snoring when sleeping, she usually does not do that. I guess it is because she had the tube in her throat. Not sure. But she is better. 🙂

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