The first day after the operation

The first day of Jossan’s recovery went well, considering the circumstances. The night was a bit tough. She did not want anyone in the room, beside me, so the other cats had to leave. I hugged her and tried to get her to eat some, and she did. Small portions. She did not get sick or threw up. She was in pain last night, in spite of the opioid analgesic she is getting (Buprenorphine). Today she seems to have less pain. I am giving her the painkillers according to the schedule.

We both were tired today, but I was happy I could help her feel a bit better by being with her, she takes care of me when I am not well, and now I take care of her. It is love. Our other cats are like that, too.


Today Jossan looks better.

Today it was better, she wanted to be around other cats, so I carried her to the living room. I worked from home, and I sat in the dining room and could see her all the time (we have a big open space kitchen/dining room and living room connected, no doors). Leroy and Miii were allowed to come close and Leroy even was allowed to lick her head a bit. Jossan is the queen, she decides.


Leroy, Miii and Jossan. It is warm under, the radiator is on. The cats love that place.

Joakim and I changed her bandage in the afternoon. It was soaked with blood (she bled right after the surgery, it is not new blood), but the cut looks good. No infection or something odd. It is very long, about 30cm and a lot of tissue is removed under. I washed it with saline and we put new sterile pads over it, taped a bit, and the body-sock went back on.


Omnomnom, tasty! Jossan eats when I bring her the food on a small plate.

Jossan is sleeping and dreaming now, ‘talking’ in her sleep as I type. She basically just is resting, does not move much at all, but she ate well, small portions, bigger than last night though, and went to the litter box, which made me very happy. So far her recovery is great. My tough girl. 🙂

7 comments on “The first day after the operation

  1. I am so pleased to hear that she is doing well .. and you too! Poor wee soul that she is. She will rest a lot, sleep a lot, as she will heal better and faster that way. I don’t know what your vet said, but I know humans use a lot of body fat when they heal from a major surgery ( I lost 6.4 kg in one week in hospital and was eating well !! ). I am not sure if perhaps feeding her higher calorie food like ‘kitten food’ for a while might be a good idea ? Hope you don’t mind me asking …

    Much love …<3 ❤

  2. Thank you!
    She is eating a special food for cats and dogs that are recovering, a/d Hills. It is highly digestible protein and contains a lot of calories, but easy on body to process. It also is tasty and contains a lot of water. I gave it to kittens also at times, when needed, and Leroy and Albert after their surgeries. It is good, they seem to think. And it gives them energy and good stuff to repair their bodies.
    The vet did not recommend anything special for food, not really, but we are experienced, I guess, since we had kittens, we read and research a lot. We have to be prepared. We were not supposed to change bandage either, just check and call if it looks odd and take it away after two days, but I did it anyway, like I did for myself after my surgery and cleaned around the cut and changed it. It diminishes risk for infections. She is not getting antibiotics, and that is good. Only if she would get infection, she’d get antibiotics.

      • 🙂 thank you for your concern! 🙂 I really appreciate it! ❤
        If all goes well, we will see the veterinary on 12th of November, to remove the stitches. They should get the results from the tumor analysis by then also.

        • God bless then, as that is a long time to be waiting for news .. It must be a relef for you though to be working at home so that you are able to be around her as necessary. Much love to you all .. kitties and humans ! ❤

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