Jossan’s further recovery

Jossan has recovered after the first surgery without an infection or complications. We just had to keep an extra eye on her not to get out of her protective body. She was a little Houdini, she, as soon as she was off her painkiller that was also a bit sedating, she would somehow take off her body-sock!
This collar did not help a bit:


The soft collar that Jossan could take off in 3 seconds; rotate, hold with one paw, pull out the head, using her other paw. :/

I had to put on a plastic collar on her, and then one day when I came back from job this is what waited for me:


“Yes Mom, I took the body off, and the collar is still on!” HOW?! My Houdini!

So, I had to work some from home and take care of Jossan. She was very calm and not trying anything as long as we watched her. Clever lady.

The stitches were removed 2 weeks after the surgery and all was fine, but she still had to be watched for some time. Now she has healed completely. She did go down i weight though, in spite of all the nutritious food. Body takes a lot when healing.

Last Thursday we had an appointment with an animal oncologist in a big animal hospital. We got referred there because Jossan’s veterinary who operated her went on a longer sick leave and we had to get another surgeon and someone to talk to.

It was good to meed an oncologist. She told me that cats can have at the same time different types of cancer. We will see what she has on her other side when it is removed, the next operation is scheduled for 15th of December. Usually the oncologist we met does not recommend to remove all of the mammary glands (different veterinaries think differently), just the one and one more maybe where the tumors were found. Jossan is in a good condition and took the surgery well, which is not always the case, and that is one of the reasons why she does not recommend it – it is a tough surgery with a very long cut.

I will post some pictures of Jossan’s cut. They are taken with my mobile and not very sharp, but you can see the extension of the cut. It is a very long cut. DO NOT LOOK at the pictures if you are sensitive. There is no blood, but bruises and stitches. The pictures are linked here:

Pictures after the surgery

Also, the kind of tumour that they found so far, on the side that is removed is as I knew, not that aggressive, and actually can be kept down with a medication that is anti-inflammatory (Metacam), not a citostatic, if needed, or a new one appears! That is very good news. But we have to see what kind she has on her other side. And we hope that they remove all of it.

I was away from Friday afternoon to Monday afternoon, went to Norway with Leroy and Albert, to a cat exhibition that we booked a long time before we found Jossan’s tumours. That was supposed to be our first exhibition abroad and I thought to try to get one more certificate each and see if the boys can become International Premiers within FIFe. The hotel and trains were booked, and I went there with a friend that had also some rough time with one of her cats and kitten recently. It was our mini-vacation. Joakim took care of our cats at home, and Jossan.

The exhibition went great, above my expectations, many happy moments,and very happy Leroy (he loves cat shows). Yesterday I came back home and to my beloved cat, with her dad and son and all the medals and bows and we cuddled so much, I was happy. In two weeks, we have a new operation before us, and after that some more recovery to do. And then I hope Jossan will be healthy for many more years to come.

5 comments on “Jossan’s further recovery

  1. Wow, that really is major surgery, however that has healed so well. Second-time around will be hard, but you will have a better idea of what to expect and when the New Year comes, the other wound will be well on the mend too.
    How do cats manage to be so slippery?!! The advantage here is that you don’t have those awful sticking/sticky plasters that are so hard to get off without traumatizing yourself and the poor animal in question…
    Good luck and big cuddles to your cats!

    • Thank you!
      The prognoses much better the more they can remove, and if a cat is healthy and strong otherwise, the total mastectomy is the best one can do. The new tumors may come eventually, it is a high risk for that, and the more of mammary tissue is left, the higher is the risk for that.
      Jossan’s skin is now even much better than on the last picture, she has healed so well. they could have operated her this week, but it will be even better to wait some more, to prevent potential skin stretching and bursting after the second operation.
      We are half way there. She should be well in January, we hope for that!

  2. How’s your lovely cat? I hope it all went as well as could be expected. My gorgeous Siberian is going to have his teeth examined – cleaned and/or extracted just after Christmas as I’ll be here to look after him as much as is needed. He’s sitting next to me right now, and the idea that he might have something makes me sick with anguish. Although I have had cats for most of my life, I hadn’t realised that teeth were such a cause of problems for them. I just pray that Monday’s exam will be ‘routine’.
    Don’t we just love these precious creatures to bits? They just bring so much to us, and mostly 99% joy (drop 1% for all those early morning ‘feeding’ sessions!!!! 3am? No thanks!). I can’t think of any other relationship that is so concentrated in joy….
    So wishing you a Happy Christmas and a healthy and Happy New Year to our beloved felines.

    • Thank you. ❤ We have sorrow, LillMupp is not with us anymore, I could not write before. I wish you all the best, and many more years with your cat.
      I love our cats to the Moon and back and more. That is maybe why it hurts so much when they are gone.

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