A new test for kidney function

We sometimes organize events or presentations in my cat club (Siameslinjen), and last Saturday we had a guest veterinary Linnéa Brandt who held an excellent presentation on a subject of older cats (on a cell level cats start aging from about 7 years of age, so in a way, all cats older than 7 years are – older cats). One of the leading death causes in older cats (more than one third) is a chronic kidney disease (CKD).

During the presentation I learned about one thing I did not know before – there is a new test available that can help us discover the scary kidney disease earlier than before, during an annual control of our senior furry family members – the IDEXX SDMA blood test.

SDMA typically increases when there is on average a 40% decrease in kidney function. This occurs earlier than creatinine, which doesn’t increase until there is up to 75% loss of kidney function!

We have tested our older cats (most recently Leroy a few months ago, Leroy is 9,5 years old now), and their urea and creatinine were fine, but – they would be fine until 75% of kidney function is already gone! I want to catch this bad condition early, if it is bound to happen, and adjust their diets in time and have them live long and good quality lives! I have mailed one of our veterinaries about the tests, asked if they perform it. I know it is not done readily in Sweden yet, but some veterinaries send it to Idexx laboratory in Germany.

I just wanted to share this with you who may read, to know about this great new test! You may read more here.

5 comments on “A new test for kidney function

    • Thank you for asking, Jossan is as if she never was sick. ❤ She is 100% her old self. 🙂
      We are getting warm weather here in Stockholm and she and her sister Miii are joining us in the garden on weekends, "helping", looking at bumblebees and eating the grass.

  1. Thank you very much Jelena. Do you know if it is the same of polykystique rénale féline PKD1?(Renal polycystic) All my cats have this test. It is necessary they have “clear”.

    • Dear Natalie, chronic renal failure is not the same as PKD and cannot be tested for when they are small or with a DNA-test. It is something that becomes more and more prominent with age and can be discovered in earlier stages with regular blood tests. From age 7 or even 5 test every year urea and creatinine will help, but now this new test came.
      Chronic renal failure is very common for all cat races as cats get older, it can be worked against since an early age with a lot of water and wet food; many think that dry food and how we feed our cats is the main culprit, since they seldom can get enough water and with time the kidneys suffer. When cats already started to have it, there is no going back, but the progress can be slowed a lot with a diet change and an increased water intake.

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