My sunshine Jossan

Jossan resting last afternoon, grooming herself. My love is well and healthy. Happiness! 🙂



Also, if all goes well, she will become a grandmother (Claire & Funtes will have kittens), in about 5 weeks. After 2,5 and more years we may have kittens in our home. 🙂 Fingers crossed!

9 comments on “My sunshine Jossan

  1. What can you say? After the cold, hard winter months, with all the sadness they brought, now the sun, health and happiness are truly back in your home!

    • ❤ yes, finally!
      We will always feel sorrow and grief for LillMuppen, but we are doing what we can and love our babies that are with us. And I am so happy that Jossan is well now, she goes out with us sometimes and eats grass, and plays in the bushes, when it is warm and sunny. Happiness! ❤

    • Yes! thank you! Jossan will get to be a grandmother soon again, we hope for the best! 🙂 Claire’s little belly is starting to show. 🙂

      • Oh I am now even more excited !!! I LOVE watching your mummy’s grow and then the kittens grow and change colour !!! Much love to all !! ❤

  2. I´m so happy for you. I know what it means. We are still missing Mimmi but the “boys” have a different relationship again and in some ways Billy got a better life not being the third one. Life is complicated…
    Love Christina

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