Merry Christmas!

In Sweden we (who celebrate Christmas) exchange presents on Christmas Eve. We celebrated Christmas this year at our home with Jocke’s mom. We bought presents for cats this year also (they get presents all the time, but I got them some for Christmas now too).

2016 has been a tough year, with struggle against Jossan’s cancer, failed pregnancy for Claire, phantom pregnancies for Electra and Funtes that is not eager to mate the girls (but it is getting better, he is maturing. The slowest maturing Siamese ever…).
I feel still deep sorrow and grief after LillMupp, I cannot and do not want to talk about that really. It’s been a year after we lost him, just before Christmas. It hurts.

It was a very successful year for Leroy on the cat shows and the health on our fur babies is mostly well now. Jossan is getting medicine against her cancer (a non-steroid anti inflammatory) and feels great. Her sister Miii is overweight and it is a struggle to get her down in weight. It started with special food good against cancer for Jossan that everyone also eats and Miii really liked and ate a lot… and skyrocketed in weight incredibly fast. 😦 So now we have to be clever and juggle feeding schedules and help Miii get back to her normal weight again.

We had a happy Christmas Eve this evening. Many things in our lives and the world around us are not great, but many are; we celebrate that and wish for better future for all the living beings who go through hard times now.

Our fur babies liked the presents. They got a catnip filled Yeeeww banana toy (they are crazy about those), and one easier and one harder puzzle (they get candy if they do the right thing or two-three things in a row). Leroy solved the easy one immediately.

Claire solved the harder one.

I can recommend for puzzles (this is not an ad, I do not know Nina, but our cats enjoy the puzzles she makes).

Funtes did not care about puzzles much. He cuddled here and there and here again until he fell asleep in the middle of cuddling. 🙂 A love bug! The biggest baby in our mini lions pride.
We wish you a merry Christmas!


Me and my love Jossan on our card this year (Jocke took the picture).

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