Oh, Albert

This evening my adorable Foreign White baby Albert decided to turn to a chocolate smoke Oriental van, after playing with and breaking two of my brown powder shadows.

“Oh, fab, they can fly from the shelf with just a tiny little push of a helpful paw, like da bomb making a BANG when they land!
And see how they glitter after falling into pieces in the bathtub, let me smear that a bit and dance on the shiny pearly miniature stardust…
Oh, my paws, look how lovely and chocolatey they are and my nose, am I not a star?
Oh dear, Mom is coming, I will run like the wind and keep on dancing all over the house, landing in one of the off-white sofas, rolling in it back and forth to press all the cacao coloured dust deeper into my once upon a time snow-white fur”.




6 comments on “Oh, Albert

  1. Oh my !!!! It must be the time of year ! Saffy has been in a kittenish mood … and just .. sort of .. knocking that tiny article off the table, the sideboard etc …. !!!! You can SEE the mischief in their faces as that tiny paw reaches out …….. !!! :O

    Just be grateful for your newly coloured cat ….. at least he hasn’t suddenly decided that the BATH in the main part of the house here is THE place to pee and to poop !!!!! I wish they would learn to use the toilet which is RIGHT next to the bath! I say THEY as I have a feeling it’s both Dax AND Saffy doing this !!! Cats !!!! ❤

  2. oh and .. how ARE your sofas ? Have you managed to clean that brown eye shadow out of them ?? I would deduct the cost from his allowance !!!! lol!!

  3. Oh no a feline destructor. But the color does suit him well. Very stylish. Maybe he wanted to have points for a change.

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