Beautiful Miii

Jocke took a good picture of Miii yesterday.

Miii is very clever and empathic. When I have pain she feels it and comes, lies next to me and comforts me with her purring.

She communicates with me a lot and is very loving in a similar way as Jossan is. Both of them are one person’s cats, and I, Jelena, am that person in our family. As I type this she rests next to my arm. Our beautiful blue cat. I love her so much. :*



If it is not a naptime, it is suspiciously silent in the house, and not a single cat is beside us, we usually know where to find them.

We put a lot of bird feeders in the trees and on the poles around the house in places where we and cats can enjoy watching them. Birds come to eat during the daytime, more often when it is colder. Occasionally they sing and cats love to watch them. Miii and Maven call us sometimes, they have a special sound for ‘Look, a bird!’. It sounds like high-pitched barking, several fast barks in a row.

You were looking for us? The birds are having lunch!

Usually there are many more birds outside eating, but I managed to capture only one of them on picture. Or actually, two, but you can see only a little of the bird #2 on the other side of the bird feeder.

Birdie num num!


Cats helping with Christmas decorations

The big Christmas tree is up! It is made of good  German plastic and steel, 215 cm tall, sturdy and elastic, it stands firm in spite of Maven and Albert climbing on it and poking all the ornaments around.

Miii and Albert are sitting pretty

Albert climbing the tree

Albert is turning 7 months tomorrow. That kitten must have the bluest eyes in the universe!


This is how it looked on the upper floor when we just moved in. Jossan and Leroy are exploring the new space.

And this is how the living room looks a week later. Maven likes to lie in boxes, but bags are also good. Soft plastic bags are dangerous for cats in the same way they are dangerous for small children and we are trying not to leave them around. This is a bag made of thicker and harder plastic.

I am sorry about the flash, Maven! (Though it is funny, those shiny eyes make Maven look like a little cat-robot!).

Here is a bigger picture of a small part of our mess:

New house, week #1

We still do not have internet connection at our new home. The new house is beautiful, but right now everything is just messy. We have a pile of cardboard boxes and basics to dress and wash and go to work. The cats have everything, though. 🙂
The first day Maven was thrilled with the new house. Leroy was very excited and curious, too. Miii something in between curious and scared. Jossan and Albert were scared, but I took them in my arms and slowly carried them through parts of house showing them around while petting and kissing them. We won’t let them go everywhere at once. They have their ‘safe room’ where they spent the first 10 hours when we just came there, surrounded with their furniture and litter boxes and all they need, they can go and hide there if they want to feel safe. But, now they do not retreat there at all, they dare to go up and down the stairs and are less afraid.
The first night we hardly slept at all, since Maven seemed to have realized that that was not just a funny day out, and that we were sleeping there, probably even staying for longer time, so she cried all night. She was so sad, so sad.

The Siamese, on the other hand, realized it is not that bad after all, and slept next to us and also in their little beds between our bed and the radiator. Maven cried and came and lied next to my head, hugged me with her little paws, then cried again and ran around. Poor cat.

Second night was already much better, Maven cried only a little, and now they all are running around and playing as usual. They still did not get to see more than half of the house, we are waiting for them to feel at home here.

When one of the cats goes far and can not see the other cats, she/he calls for them. Most of the time all five go around like a pride of lions and explore their surroundings in cooperation. I hope to get an internet connection at home soon so that I can post some pictures.

Moving soon

The moving company truck is coming in 8 hours. We still have so much to pack and also, we have to disassemble some pretty big pieces of furniture. We have 2 more weeks to move, but then we have to do it ourselves, by car. We are trying to pack as much as we can now.

The cats are helping, of course!

Miii is checking if everything is closed properly.

‘You are not leaving without me!’

Leroy is tired, he has been helping us all day. Albert and Jossan are taking a nap as well:

I am tired and just now I wish I were one of my cats…

Back to packing!

Till minne av A.N.

We are packing and live in chaos, but now we stopped for a moment.

We got some sad news today. A lady that bred many generations of beautiful Siamese in Sweden, that I never got to meet in real life but we had contact via mail, died at her home yesterday after a longer illness.

Some time in July she saw Jossan’s kittens’ pictures online. She told me later that she liked their pedigree and looks and how we wrote about them. She mentioned it to a friend of hers whose one Siamese was put to sleep a little while ago (incurable tumor). The lady’s friend was sad because she lost her cat but she wanted a new family member and a friend for her other Siamese boy. I believe that you can never replace a lost pet, they are unique, and you will always love them, but you can maybe open your heart and home for a new cat again.

Antoine (who got to meet the lady after he moved up north; she came to visit him) and his dear matte found each other thanks to that lady. The lady and I exchanged several mails before and after the kittens moved out; she knew a lot about Siamese cats, she was kind and warm and helpful and I am very sad that she died. I hope she is in a better place now.

. . .

You touched our lives more than you knew. Love, Jelena.


New pages

There are new pages in the menu on the right:

Buy a kitten from us , where we write more about our breeding cattery and what we aim for with our breeding program (yes, we’ve just started, it may seem to you, but we had studied the subject of breeding of Siamese thoroughly and prepared ourselves well!)

La Voix first litter , where individual pictures of all seven kittens will be posted regularly.

Jossan’s kittens. A month until they arrive!

Babies, we saw Jossan’s babies! We waited for 40 minutes at the vet’s office, and Jossan was not happy.

Then they had to shave her tummy. Jossan was even less happy.

And then they put a lot of goo on her belly and looked for the babies on the ultrasound. NOT HAPPY!

The veterinary said that he could not see exactly how many kittens there are, which I do not get why not, if he just tried harder, he could have counted them. I started counting them, but every time I managed to focus, he moved the probe somewhere else. But we saw them clearly, at least 4, but probably 5 or 6. Many!

One opened and closed its little kitty mouth, looked like it was meowing, and its siblings rotated and moved and we saw the small hearts beating. Ooooh, so nice. They look like real little baby cats, which they are!

Now we are back home and Jossan is a bit upset since her tummy is shaved and yucky and we were away from home for so long, but now she is lying in my lap and has almost forgiven me everything.

Kittens! 🙂

The signs

We think that Jossan is pregnant!

She sleeps a lot and is much calmer since she came back from Goofy. She threw up twice in the mornings last week, and she almost never throws up. Last week her nipples became pink in color. She started gaining weight.

So exciting!

We bought her food for kittens and she takes some yogurt and milk for cats daily. Otherwise she eats as usual; 3 different kinds of dry food are always in the bowls. The cats also eat either raw beef, canned chicken breast or canned tuna daily.

Cool cards

We are very happy and grateful for every Xmas and New Year card we get. We are equally thankful for every phone call, email, sms or a thought about us! All are equally precious to us. Not everyone has time, a habit, or a wish to send cards and greetings, but some do.

Two Christmas (paper) cards, Twinklemice (from Doug and Gemma) and Bunch of Cats (from Tanja and Ivan) we got this year were little extra cool, and you can see why:

(Dear Someone, if in this way I breech some copyright laws, please do not sue me, I am neither evil nor rich; just tell me and I will remove the picture in question).

Love between a cat and her human

Jocke took this picture last summer. He took a photo while I was talking to Jossan, and she was looking at me, occasionally meowing back.

There is so much love between us; she is my cat and I am her human, and I really feel that that love got captured on this photo – you can see it in her eyes, in the angle of my head when I am talking to her, in her whole body posture.

I miss Jossan a lot today. We left her at Flippen’s place again. Their dating did not work out that well last autumn. She did not allow him to approach her at all, and the poor guy lost his interest after a few days of trying hard. But, now Jossan is in heat again, and we’ll see if she accepts the handsome boy this time.

Please help stop the killing of wolves in Sweden

I love animals so much. My heart is breaking because of killing of wolves in Sweden that started two days ago when 12 000 hunters went out to kill supposedly 27 out of 150-200 wolves we have left in our entire country, where we can house many more of those beautiful and endangered animals.

Please sign the petition here if you think that it may help. I believe it can and I have signed it. I do not know what else I can do; I tweeted the url to the petition and put it on Facebook. I can just go out in the cold and cry, but that won’t help. I am crying inside instead.

Many more than 27 of those wonderful animals (and there is no justification even for those 27 that the Swedish government and the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency allowed to be killed) are already killed, and bloodthirsty men won’t stop easily.

Edited on Jan 15, 2010: Enough signatures are collected and the petition is closed. Thank you all that support the cause!

Little helpers


Last Friday we got a surprise package from Danijela!


Oooh, how happy we got when we discovered tons and tons of some of Jelena’s favorite candy in the bag!

The cats were helping tremendously. They love to organize stuff, though we often have different opinions on what “to organize” means.

Jossan’s weight is fine

We spent some serious time investigating Jossan’s 2,9 kg of weight. She is muscular, lean and not skinny. The vet said Jossan has a good size and proportions (and that is a veterinary that also breeds Siamese and Orientals, so she is quite familiar with the race). Still, 2,9 kg does not sound like much!


A healthy grown up Siamese cat usually weighs: male 4-6,5 kg (9-14 pounds); female 2,7-4,8 kg (6-10 pounds). Also, this article I found was interesting (Siamese cats are just mentioned):

Some healthy adult female Siamese cats weigh as little as 5 lb (2,26 kg) though some male Siamese can reach 20 lb (9 kg). Some Siamese breeding lines give smaller, more “fragile-looking” cats than others and the old-style Siamese cats are more robust than the rather skinny modern version of this breed.



I guess that Jossan’s lean look is more of “a skinny modern” one, although her mum is more robust. Jossan is her daddy’s little copy.

Here is an interesting read about the history of Siamese cats and the descriptions of two different types of Siamese – the more round version, similar to the original Thai one, that was imported from Siam (Thailand), and more elongated, modern version of the race. From the article:

It is important to raise that several breeders believed that there were two types (morphologies) of Siamese. Mrs. Veley would have written herself that its cat (Pho) had a rather thin line and that its second cat (Mia) was rather robust and round. Thereafter, Mrs. Carew Cox, a judge of cat-show and founder of the first Siamese club, would have also noted, to see two types of lines : one compact, with a short body, short legs and a round head, while the other with a body and a semi-long, nimble and sinuous head.

Edited May 29, 2010:

Jossan, that weighs so ‘little’, 2,9kg, gave a birth to her first litter of seven healthy big kittens (86-102 gr at birth) when she was 2,5 years old.

So, her weight is absolutely fine, and she gave a fine and healthy offspring. Jossan eats both dry food and raw meet (beef) and egg yolk. Sometimes I add butter and/or sour cream to the raw meet/cat milk mix, especially during her pregnancy and while she was breast-feeding kittens. Also, she eats tuna and chicken meet, but not very often.

Miii gets slimmer

Miii weighs 3,7kg now. She lost 0,6 kg since she moved to us and got to run outside and in the apartment together with our other cats. Her body looks a lot like her dad’s now, although she has a bigger frame than her sister Jossan. Daily wrestling with Leroy will keep her stay in shape.

Siamese are very slim and muscular cats, of medium weight and great lenghts. Still, some of them do get a bit overweight if they do not get enough exercise. Well, Miii’s days as being overweight are over!

I filmed one of their wrestling episodes a few days ago. It is a bit hard to catch them with a camera being ready… it is much easier taking shots of flowers. 😀

Miii (Angel) is the darker one, the blue point Siamese. At the end of the clip, you can notice Jossan, a little white spectator watching from a cat transport cage that was temporarily on the floor. Jossan likes to watch our other cats play, and sometimes she joins them, sometimes not.