Three kittens and a tail

The kittens are 9 days old here, and they all have opened their eyes.

When we talk to them and their mom they crawl to the edge of their igloo and look at us. They seem to be very curious. Here they fell asleep after one of our socializing events. 🙂


Big Jossan


Some time ago, this is how the Siamese used to lie together, on a pile in one of their beds:

Please, notice: Jossan is the smallest one, lying in the middle of the pile.


This is how they look together today (sorry, Miii, you are out of the picture and out of our bed…)

Pregnant Jossan, much bigger than before, is hugging Leroy:

The signs

We think that Jossan is pregnant!

She sleeps a lot and is much calmer since she came back from Goofy. She threw up twice in the mornings last week, and she almost never throws up. Last week her nipples became pink in color. She started gaining weight.

So exciting!

We bought her food for kittens and she takes some yogurt and milk for cats daily. Otherwise she eats as usual; 3 different kinds of dry food are always in the bowls. The cats also eat either raw beef, canned chicken breast or canned tuna daily.

White thiefs

The Siamese routinely steal the blanket now. We need another one. I’m sick of waking up freezing with two white cats looking at me like: “WTF, don’t disturb us human”.

They should really be nicer and more thankful for all the food we give them, the sand they spread over the apartment, the toys that lie everywhere and don’t get me started on that kitty-furniture on which they lie to watch over their servants. But we really don’t deserve better.

We pay to become slaves and somehow think it’s all worth it. Adorable fuzzy little furballs 🙂

Cat pile


This picture could not have been taken before one week stay at a cat hostel. Spending time together on a much less space than usual does wonders for their love for each other. Every time we got them back from there they were nicer towards each other.

Our cats always stay at Solgläntans kattpensionat when we are out of town for a longer time. One day they can be without us. Two – four days they can be at home with a cat-sitter. Usually our friend Thomas takes care of the little ones. He sits and codes on his computer and they let him. 🙂

They take good care of our and other kitties in Solgläntans. They are cat enthusiasts that also take care of homeless cats and find them good homes. That is their primary area of engagement. If you live in Stockholm area and need a good place to leave your kitty while on vacation, we warmly recommend Solgläntans kattpensionat.

Jossan yawns!


This picture is the first proof caught on camera that Josephine and Angel started tolerating each other. The sisters got separated when they were 12 weeks old and met again a year later, when Angel moved to our place. Jossan was very jealous at start, but it has been getting better really fast.

So, everyone is either yawning or sleeping, but I can’t. It has been sunny outside for a few hours now. During the summer we get a bit of darkness here, between 11PM and 02AM, now when the day is longest. If I miss that window to fall asleep, I just turn into a non-sleeping zombie and in the worst case do not sleep at all until the next dark period. If I am lucky, I fall asleep around 4AM. Well, not today. :/

Who is who?


Leroy and mini Leroy, sleeping on Maven’s pillow.

All three cats share the sleeping places, but each has their most favourite ones. This pillow is one of Maven’s favourite resting spots. She likes to lie there and look at people and cars out on the street, or just be near Joakim when he works on the stationary computer.