Albert, 15 weeks old

Albert weighs 1870 gr today. I am very glad we kept him, he is so loving and sweet. Also, Siamese who love groups can be two and two now. Still, most of the time they spend all together. When they sleep it can be a bit different. Maven, Miii and Leroy can sleep close to each other. And Jossan and Albert somewhere else, curled together. Still, most of the time all are in bed with us, and one or both of us humans often wakes up freezing, since the blanket is gone, and the little thieves are lying all curled up in the stolen goods.

Albert is very curious, and in temper he is both active and serene. Very secure kitten. He likes to sit and watch how we work (we are moving to a house soon, and are very busy with everything that goes with it). Here is a picture of him I took two days ago: