Cute little models

Kittens, 4+ weeks old:

Getting a manicure

Blue (or seal) point girl

“Nothing can stop me!”

Kittens’ individual pictures from a few days ago can be found here.

4 weeks pictures

The kittens are playing more and more, seemingly trying to kill each other. I get very scared sometimes from these little killer claws going for the other kitten’s eyes… but somehow they do not end up hurting each other.

Come on, if you dare!

Down with these ears. You are a Siamese, not a bunny!

I said 'down with the ears'!

They did not starting eating other food yet. We tried, but they want only Jossan’s milk. They like to jump into whatever I give them on a plate and make a mess. That is fun. 🙂

It wasn't me!