Arista and Aslan, 8 months

I get pictures of Albert’s kittens from Norway regularly from their breeder, Janne. All the kittens (of course) got their good looks from both of their parents, but Arista is princess-like and girly like her mom, while Aslan who is called Gabriel at his new home in the north of Norway is very similar to Albert in his looks! He was Albert’s mini-me since he was a kitten. I also see on the photos that Arista holds her head and has poses like her mom, while Aslan really looks and moves like Albert.

Here are two pictures of Albert’s kittens Arista and Aslan (Albert is father to two more kittens in Norway – two lilac point girls. He also fathered five kittens in Sweden. All of them have good homes and are healthy and happy). Many more pictures can be found here, on Janne’s blog. Aslan’s picture is taken by his ‘mom’ and Janne took picture of Arista.

Aslan, 8 months

Arista, 8 months

Albert, 20 months

Don’t you think that Albert’s kittens look like him? I think he cannot deny them! 🙂

Sunday afternoon

The days are getting a bit longer here. Jocke took a few pictures of cats today. Miii is very cute. Both she and Albert are like kittens, always so playful.

Albert and Mii playing


Yesterday we finally got some snow in Stockholm that did not melt immediately. We are experiencing an unusually warm winter so far. The cats were mesmerized with snow (as always). We put the food for small birds in the lilac bushes and the cats like to watch them eat it.

First snow, December 2011

Hmmm, Maven is on the window on the other side of the living room. But, where is Albert?

The White Squirrel

Last Sunday in November

Less than a month is left to Christmas! We started putting the decorations; so far the new curtains are up and yesterday we put the stars in the windows.

Our little helpers in action:

A black smoke bun, someone?

I have no clue how Maven manages to fit in such small boxes and baskets!

Albert, giving a helping paw as always:

My humans have no sense of composition!

Our cats adore the blankets we use during the winter; they are soft and cosy.

The Siamese pile

Mirror, mirror on the wall…

…who’s the fairest of them all?

Albert is so sweet and nice in temper, but I know he has a dark mind. How do I know? Just look at him! When he thinks that no one is watching, there he is, thinking about the next ritual murder of the pink pig!

"Give me all I demand, or the pig gets it!"

(picture taken by Daniel Brolund).

Albert’s art piece

This is what waited for me when I got up this morning:

That is my pink backpack that Albert dragged and left on the floor. Also, there is a mouse that he previously ‘drowned’ in a water bowl (notice how my backpack is wet close to the mouse), and then ‘tied’ it behind the handle. It looked like a ritual killing committed by a psychopath!

Albert drowns toys in the water bowls and then leaves them in the food bowls and similar regularly, but this was a bit more advanced piece of work!

Albert’s beautiful offspring

Here is a few pictures of Alberts pretty kittens, First, the kittens from NO*Aceso cattery, in Oslo, Norway. On the picture (taken about a week ago) they are almost 10 weeks old:

NO*Aceso A-litter (picture by Janne Flusund)

And, the five small ones, in Viska’s cattery, Åkersberga, Sweden! Now, they were a bit harder to get together for a picture, since they were all over the place. They are 3,5 weeks old, and already have reading as hobby!

"We love books!" (picture by Monica Lindgren)

"Catch us if you can!" (picture by Monica Lindgren)

One of Albert's and Dixie's white daughters. A doll! (picture by Monica Lindgren)

Albert is neutered. The kittens turned 13 weeks and started moving out.

So much has happened lately.

Albert is neutered.

He will be fertile for a few more weeks, but his spaying is an irreversible process. It was not an easy decision to neuter Albert. He did not spray, and he was such a dream to have as a stud, but he got interested in Jossan and having him fertile would mean that we would have to keep him and Jossan separated during the time we are not at home. That is not an option. Physically it is possible, our house is big, but we do not want our cats to live lives like that. Pets come before breeding.

And he did get two litters of gorgeous kittens; four kittens in Oslo and five in Åkersberga, close to Stockholm.
So, he is neutered; our happy cuddly white cat.

B-litter turned 13 weeks

And they learned how to fly:

I can fly!

Belle and Blanche playing nicely

Blanche barks at the toy, and Bea aims to kill it, silently.

Belle, Blanche, Balthazar

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A great day for Albert

He is healthy! 

Thank you everyone for your wishes for Albert’s fast recovery. They helped! Albert was well since we came back from the hospital. Completely well, like nothing has ever happened.

Here is our white boy with huge jowls (kindpåsar på svenska) (those enlarged cheeks that make a tomcat look more attractive for female cats. I think it looks silly, but apparently I have no clue what makes male cats irresistible!). He is back from the exam and feels victorious.

Albert (and his jowls, a Foreign White almost 14 months old)

Today we went for an ultrasound of all the organs of the abdomen (after not eating for 12 hours! Albert was a bit hungry, but quite calm). They shaved his tummy and put tons of gel on it. He did not fight, but he complained and talked to the veterinary and the nurse during the whole examination.


“Oh, a Siamese! A white Siamese! He is adorable! He is gorgeous!”

People found him charming. Cats know when you admire them and they like it. Albert does not despise attention, and although he thought that having your tummy shaved and lying on the back is far from good, still, attention is nice…

And – he is fine! No tumors, signs of diseases, nothing. There was a sign that he had a bad tummy (slightly enlarged spleen), but everything looked nice, his kidneys were perfect, the liver and colon were fine, too. Albert is pretty on the inside, too!

Albert became a father again!

And – great news! Albert became a father again today, this time in Sweden, in Viska’s cattery!

Bäckbykatten's Dixie The Great, picture by Monica Lindgren

This morning Dixie (Bäckbykatten’s Dixie The Great) gave  birth to 5 healthy kittens that are right now nursing cuddled to their mom! We are so happy! We told the staff in the hospital that Albert became a father today for the second time, and he got even more compliments, admiration and praise for being so nice and gorgeous boy.

He has no clue why everyone is treating him like that, but it is in his nature to accept petting and compliments as something he deserves by his sheer existence. He is a cat. And – a Siamese one.

Albert feels fine

Albert feels well, and behaves as usual, except that he is much more at my side. Last night he slept in our bedroom and we closed the door so the other cats would not disturb him. Leroy was a bit upset, he protested for 5 minutes from the other side of the door.

Albert thought that all the attention was very nice. He cuddled and slept next to us all night.

I started working again today, but Jocke is at home with the cats, he has one more week of vacation. Albert ate this morning and he seems fine. And he is so happy. He is not weak or anything like it, he is moving and behaving as a strong healthy cat. The whole Friday drama feels so unreal.

Albert was sick

We had a tough weekend.


Albert got suddenly sick last Friday. He threw up violently six-seven times until there was only saliva left and refused to drink and eat. He screamed loudly in pain when we tried to touch him close to his tail root and on tummy and dragged his back legs while walking. He did not have fever but something was obviously wrong. We called the animal hospital that is always open and they told us to come with him immediately.

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Albert fetches a toy

Jocke filmed Albert this morning.

Albert is still playing like when he was small. He is nervous occasionally, because he is fertile, but he has a wonderful temper that didn’t vanish in spite of his raging hormones. We will probably neuter Albert soon, and then he will stop thinking about ladies and only play and be content.

Kittens in NO*Aceso cattery!

Albert became father yesterday for the first time, 1 year and 1 day old!

Four gorgeous healthy Siamese kittens were born in Aceso cattery in Oslo, Norway! Mom is a beautiful blue point Arwen that visited us in March.


Many warm congratulations from us! We are so happy that this litter is born. :* BTW, Leroy is now a great grandfather, only 4,5 years old! 😀

Almost 3 weeks old

Tomorrow, May 23 the kittens from the A-litter turn one year, and their little siblings turn 3 weeks! 🙂

The kittens moved to the nice big kitten house we bought from Germany, and Leroy and Albert love to sit with them. They sometimes sleep next to them, sometimes they lick them clean! The big cats are very enthusiastic about the hygiene. 🙂

The small ones started to be playful and are attacking and biting the big ones, but Leroy and Albert are very patient with them. They do not even try to discipline them yet, they seem to be aware of that the kittens are too small.

(It is never this bright in the tipi like it is on the picture. There are curtains in the room that shade the kitten house, but I moved them so I could take the photos without the flash).

"Stop licking me, grandpa!"

All of Jossan’s all-white children, one big and two small ones:

The individual pictures of the kittens, taken today are here: 20 days old.

Albert wants in!

There is a reason that our cattery name is La Voix. Siamese in general are more talkative than other cats, and our Siamese are very vocal when they want something. Leroy especially has a very strong voice that almost all of his and Jossan’s offspring got. It is not like our cats are yelling or being loud often. But they do express their opinions loud and clear!

Albert loves to be close to the kittens. They are very small and have one room where they can be left alone with their mom. Other cats can come and join them when we are there, and they like to sit and watch the small ones.

When we get up in the mornings, this is where Albert is, telling us that he wants to go in and see his siblings!!!

Let me in!!!

And today he sat in there for a long time, watching his mom and the small wonders and then, very carefully and gently, he sat in with them in the tipi! He was there for a few minutes, then I took him out so that Jossan could stretch a bit. He was melting with love, he adores them!

Mom, I'm your baby, too!

We also have a big kitten house that we got from Germany, but it is too soon for them to move in there. They have to be better at crawling first. They must be close to their mom where it is warm, and she prefers small spaces with roof, she feels that they are warm and safe there. I’ve learnt a lot from my cat about what is good for kittens.


We are very happy with Albert’s temper and I hope that his future kittens will get it from him. He is almost one year old, fertile and very capable as a tomcat, but he is not spraying at all and he is seldom restless. He is very cuddly with us, especially with me. He can be upset and yell sometimes, but that is when we do something wrong.

My sun!

Albert loves to lie in the sun. There is plenty of space on the couch close to the window, on the floor, on the cat furniture…

But sometimes Albert wants all the 20 sqm of sunny spots for himself! Greedy Albert!

"Bad Miii! Go away from my sun! MY SUN!"

But, Miii is so cute! She deserves all the sunny spots in the world! Albert is still small and silly and has moments when he wants EVERYTHING for himself.

"Look at me! I am so cute!"

Three generations

"Mom, you are almost as big as grandpa!"

Jossan, Albert and Leroy were resting on their favorite blanket  last evening.

Jossan is much smaller than Leroy otherwise, but now her weight went from 2,9kg before the pregnancy to 4,1kg. There is about 10-13 days to go. I think that there may be six kittens this time, but I do not know for sure. Jossan’s weight gain was about the same as before, a bit lower, but that could do with a two days error in the estimated time of arrival.

So exciting! Yesterday I’ve ordered a new kitten house and cushions from Germany, made out of a new high quality material that has no loops so that the claws of small kittens can not get stuck in them, and it is also washable in 60 degrees.

I cannot wait for the kittens to arrive!

Cats in the sun

Jossan, Miii and Albert are resting in the sun. Albert is hardly visible, he fits the background so well.

There is 38 days left until the kittens arrive, if everything goes well. Jossan is going up in weight just fine, 430gr since the start of the pregnancy.

She was clumsy and quite active lately and played and rolled on the floor with the toys, and even fell once (10 days ago) from a shelf, but she still continued going up in weight really well and shows no signs of discomfort at all. We are going for a checkup and an ultrasound exam in 2 days (on Tuesday).


Albert had a date!

Did you know that in Norway they do not have only Norwegian Forest Cats, they also have beautiful Siamese!

Arwen (NO*Masked Bandits April in Paris)

Arwen (NO*Masked Bandits April in Paris), a beautiful blue point Siamese lady from Norway came to us over the weekend (she was here for about 30 hours) to visit Albert.

Both Albert and Arwen were inexperienced, but two important factors were just right:

1. Arwen is a very brave and at the same time gentle lady that did not let the voyage distress her too much and she did not totally despise the little almost 10 months old white Bebis who seemed to have a huge admiration for her. She was not too crazy about him, but she did not hate him.

"Jag tycker om dig!"..."Jeg liker deg ikke!" (photo by Janne Flusund)

Well, it could have been a better start, some would say. What about love at first site and all? But, for Albert that ‘not really hate’ was more than enough. So we come to the factor #2

2. Albert was very goal-driven since he was a kitten; while his siblings played and dragged toys around just to fall asleep exhausted next to their mommy, Albert killed toys paying a great attention to detail, for a long time, barking and growling at them like a little dog, not a cat; disintegrating them with precision and dedicataton you thought only Dexter had. He had the same approach with Arwen. Precision and dedication. Only, now it was about attraction, not killing.

Albert: "Precision and dedication"

Albert rolled like a girl, talked, sang, circled around the tough blue beauty, tried everything. She hissed a bit at him, showed a paw, ignored him, tried to stare him to death, but he just continued to sing… 6 hours later there was a familiar sound from their room you cannot mistake for anything else. An event!

Albert and Arwen continued dating during the night and the next day, completely exhausted towards the Sunday evening. Arwen and her matte had to fly back to Oslo, but it seemed that the love birds had the job done, so to say. Albert was so tired when Arwen left, he just lied on the couch and slept and slept… He played a bit with us this morning before we went to work and greeted us and played when we came home, but now he is sleeping again. He is back to being just a kitten, our all crazy 1st class stud of a great determination and not so bad skill (apparently). But now all he cares about is his toys and to cuddle with us. “Girls” – what is that? Give me my rats! Our little white guy is Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde impersonated in a cat.

It's been a hard day's night...

We keep our fingers crossed that Arwen stayed pregnant and that there will be some nice tempered beautiful Norwegian-Swedish Aceso Siamese in the near future! Arwen’s matte has a blogg here and her cattery name is Aceso. Also, check out this vidio of Arwen taken by her matte. Arwen is one smart cat!

Natural born killer

Albert introduced a new thing to his repertoire recently.

We noticed that his rat toys (that in fact are IKEA children toys) were sometimes all wet when we would come back from job. Weird, we thought. Sometimes they were wet AND covered in sand from the litter box. Yuck! Jocke joked that Albert must be drowning the rats, then buries them.

The victims; Albert's all time high - three soaking wet rats in a day

One day I found the huge rat toy on the edge of one of the water bowls. “Was he too big to be drowned?”, we joked with the little white killer.

Too big to be drowned

And then today I caught him in flagrante! Albert IS indeed drowning the rats!!!

Help with the curtains

Our cats love to participate in everything we do.

Usually they are pretty careful and just look at us doing things, being supportive, but sometimes they cannot resist the urge to get involved. They are so helpful, it is in their nature! Here is Albert, helping me with the curtains…

We lived in an apartment earlier, which we arranged in a bit sterile, modern style, but this house requires different style and it takes some time to live in it and feel what suites the interior. It is fun to arrange things, and all the help makes it so much easier… hm. Or, does it? Well, this is how that window turned out, not so bad we think.

1st prize!

Last week we won the 1:st prize on Siameslinjens (our cat club) photo competition for our ‘Birdwatching’ picture! 42 photos were sent in, some of them very nice. I was so happy! It is one of those pictures I had to take very fast, in order to seize the moment when the cats were sitting so nicely in the window, equidistant, like little ornaments shaped as cats.

I had the light in the background, could not use the flash, did not have much time to focus, but it was a nice situation and a not so bad composition. The judge’s motivation for awarding the 1:st prize to this photo was “för sin utpräglade vardagssurrealism” (“for its striking surrealism of everyday life”).

We are very happy! 🙂