Bea jumping high

We got one series of pictures from Agneta, Bea’s ‘mom’.

Agneta woke up early one morning. She heard noise that at first she thought came from the walls.

Was it mice, she wondered. No, it was Bea, standing very high, doing stuff! Agneta grabbed the mobile that was standing next to her bed and took pictures of the little explorer. After the last picture was taken, Bea fell down in her human’s bed. 🙂 I thought to share the pictures here. Thank you so much for the photo, Agneta! 🙂

Bea, boldly jumping where no kitten has jumped before

Beatrice is a seal point Siamese!

I’ve just received the result of Beatrice’s DNA test. She is a seal point, (and a carrier of chocolate and dilution). What contrasts! Amazing. The contrasts between points and body color like she has are not so common for seal points (in the US the seal point Siamese in general have better contrasts than here).

She will darken with age, even in her body (all Siamese except for the white ones do) but you can see already this early which cats will have better and which worse contrasts.

Beatrice, a seal point Siamese

The kittens got their first vaccine and exam today at our veterinary dr Buba. They did not yell at all in the car, and they were not that scared at the vet. Leroy was in the same soft cage as they were and he is the best nanny ever. A big, calm, confident and caring cat. Leroy. 🙂

Now they are fine, a bit swollen at the places they got the vaccine. Bea is sleeping a lot, I think that she got a reaction to vaccine that I hope will go over the night. She ate and drank some water. The others are running around, but they are a bit less enthusiastic than usual. It is their first vaccine and the first trip outside the house. It is not easy!

One more picture of Belle, the blue girl:

Belle, a blue point Siamese