No kittens yet

No kittens yet.

Jossan is checking often if I am alert – she goes to another room and calls me, to see how fast will I come there. Then she cuddles a bit and seems relaxed. When she is not ‘training’ me, she is mostly lying next to me, resting. The kittens in her tummy are very active, a lot of moving and kicking. Rock&Roll!

I am getting a bit nervous, but I am trying to play relaxed in front of the cats, they are quite sensitive about our mood. The question is – how good of an actor am I, can I trick them?

Almost there… day #59 or #57

We are not sure if the first day of pregnancy was Monday the 15th of March or Wednesday, two days after that. Goofy and Jossan did not kiss and tell, not really. But Jossan is so unbelievably big, and the kittens are moving a lot at times.

It is amazing to just sit and watch the small ones move inside of her. She could deliver any time starting from Sunday the 16th of May to Sunday the 23rd of May. We do not know how long it will take, this is her first pregnancy. But we are almost there!