Siamese come in piles

20181125_143518How many
a) “normal” cats
b) Siamese
can you fit on the cat tree on the photo?

The answer leads to the conclusion (that we who have Siamese cats already know) that cats come as individuals, and Siamese come in piles. 🤗

The Siamese tree

Saturday afternoon at our home. It has been raining all day and it is already dark outside (it is 6 PM here). There is a whole 2 months left until Christmas but it already feels like the holidays are around the corner!

The heating is on, and our ‘furry lizards’, how Jocke called them, the pride of Siamese, are lying close to the radiator, the beloved source of warmth. 🙂 Maven with her fluffy semi-long fur does not feel the cold, she is lying in another window, looking at the street.

The Siamese tree. Up – Jossan, Claire, Leroy. Down – Albert, Miii.