Jossan, day 65

Jossan is very big and close to delivery. The kittens will arrive probably tomorrow or on Wednesday at latest. She eats well, but she gets hiccups after every meal. It is not easy with a belly full of kittens!

She is less nervous than the first time. We have arranged one room for her and the upcoming litter and she does seem happy with the tipis and other furniture. The new things from Germany did not arrive yet, but the kittens will not leave the small tipi for the first two weeks, so that is fine. We hope that the delivery goes well!

25 days to go

Jocke took a few pretty pictures of Jossan today. Her tummy is a bit shaved because of the ultrasound exam. Pretty cat! :*

Look at that profile!

Also, we got some exciting news from Norway. Three weeks after Arwen’s and Albert’s date, there are the signs! Arwen’s tummy is getting rounder, and her nipples turned a stronger shade of pink. Look at the pretty tummy pictures here!

Natural born killer

Albert introduced a new thing to his repertoire recently.

We noticed that his rat toys (that in fact are IKEA children toys) were sometimes all wet when we would come back from job. Weird, we thought. Sometimes they were wet AND covered in sand from the litter box. Yuck! Jocke joked that Albert must be drowning the rats, then buries them.

The victims; Albert's all time high - three soaking wet rats in a day

One day I found the huge rat toy on the edge of one of the water bowls. “Was he too big to be drowned?”, we joked with the little white killer.

Too big to be drowned

And then today I caught him in flagrante! Albert IS indeed drowning the rats!!!

Beautiful Miii

Jocke took a good picture of Miii yesterday.

Miii is very clever and empathic. When I have pain she feels it and comes, lies next to me and comforts me with her purring.

She communicates with me a lot and is very loving in a similar way as Jossan is. Both of them are one person’s cats, and I, Jelena, am that person in our family. As I type this she rests next to my arm. Our beautiful blue cat. I love her so much. :*


To go where no cat has gone before… or?

It is that time of the year when a beautiful flower called amaryllis blossoms. Amaryllis is not a flower that cats should chew on, since it can cause vomiting, diarrhea, depression, lack of appetite and other kind of nasty symptoms.

Although cats are not all crazy to chew on the things that are poisonous for them, our Albert is still very young and likes to chew on whatever. So, we lifted amaryllis high on the book shelf where it’s supposed to live until Jelena’s mother takes it with her (Jelena’s parents are visiting and her mom, a dog person who never owned a cat, only dogs, bought an amaryllis plant).

Albert saw the flower and of course it looked yummy and the little long cat tried to reach it:

Look, there is something up there. I want it!

If I stretch just a little bit more...

Oh, no, I am falling!

A cat and a mouse

Maven really likes our new house, it is big and it is messy (for now). Oh, joy!

Maven is a black smoke cat (her fur is warm in tone in the autumn, since she spends a lot of time in the sun in the summer, and the fur gets lighter), and here you can also see that the bottom half of her fur is completely white! (The silver gene makes it white). If we would shave off the tips of Maven fur, she would be mostly white! 🙂


Albert is a bit over 5 months old  and right now he has both milk teeth that did not fall out yet and the bright big permanent ones coming out. Look at our little shark!

His sister Ada started losing her milk teeth recently, but our little boy is in a bit of discomfort, nothing is coming out yet, everything just doubles. He started chewing on and biting his toys a bit harder and more often.

Just like us, cats develop both milk teeth, and adult teeth. A kitten’s baby teeth start to appear when it’s about three-four weeks old, and ready to chew soft foods. When the process is complete, the kitten has twenty-six tiny, sharp teeth.

Between 4-9 months of age, a kitten’s baby teeth begin to fall out, as new stronger permanent teeth push them out and replace them. Teething can be painful, and the kitten’s gums may be red and sore for a while.

A close up:

By the time it’s eight or nine months old, that young cat will be a proud owner of thirty bright, sharp adult teeth. Sometimes if the old milk teeth did not fall out yet and the kitten has sore gums it is a good idea to have the veterinary pull the milk teeth out and make the whole teething process easier.

Packing (or -‘helping paws’)

After every box we pack we have to make sure that no cat somehow jumped in and tried to hide. Cats like boxes. Albert is smaller and a bit hard to notice. Here, we documented how at one occasion Jossan helped us find him and, also, tried to pull him out of the box he managed to break into!

“I see you!” (Jossan managed to locate Albert)

“Mau mau mauuu” (“Get out!”)

“Mrauauauauuauuu” (“I am getting him out! Look, matte!”)

And then I took Albert out of the box which we closed again and put under another box that he cannot break into (or so we believe…).

Albert, 15 weeks old

Albert weighs 1870 gr today. I am very glad we kept him, he is so loving and sweet. Also, Siamese who love groups can be two and two now. Still, most of the time they spend all together. When they sleep it can be a bit different. Maven, Miii and Leroy can sleep close to each other. And Jossan and Albert somewhere else, curled together. Still, most of the time all are in bed with us, and one or both of us humans often wakes up freezing, since the blanket is gone, and the little thieves are lying all curled up in the stolen goods.

Albert is very curious, and in temper he is both active and serene. Very secure kitten. He likes to sit and watch how we work (we are moving to a house soon, and are very busy with everything that goes with it). Here is a picture of him I took two days ago:

Augustin in Norrtälje

Augustin, whose pet name is ‘Gusten’, our little praline (seal point actually, but he looked as chocolate; the only seal point kitten in the litter, always so easy to spot when they were small, very playful) moved to Norrtälje. He lives with two humans and Elora, a 5 year old blue Siamese lady. Here is he with beautiful Elora. Dear Gusten’s matte, thank you for these terrific pictures!

He was the last kitten to move out, and Albert and the other cats got very upset when he was gone. They already were quite shaken after Ada and Alfred moved out, but Augustin’s departure was the drop that made them really distressed. We spent a lot of time trying to comfort them, and, luckily, Albert was so active and playful that others got occupied with playing or disciplining him.

But, look at little Gusten. Spoiled? Him?! What do you think? 🙂 (I think that all of the babies are dirt spoiled, and that thought makes me very happy)!

And this one… the cats are so cute when they forget to pull their tongue tip back. 🙂 What an expresion!

Alessandro in Malmö

Our beautiful blue boy Alessandro has moved to Malmö. We prepared him for Skåne by teaching him to meow using only diphthongs.

His matte Ellinor came to Stockholm by plane and took him to Malmö also by plane, where everyone enjoyed listening to those diphthongs we taught him.

Alessandro’s new cat-friend is Skeletor, a neutered mixed breed guy, with a very special look and behavior.

Alessandro meets Skeletor

Alessandro did not appreciate Skeletor from the very first moment they met, but he liked his human a lot; he spat and yelled at poor Skeletor upon his arrival, but he spent the first night purring and hugging his human around her neck; as she put it – her little ‘spitting cobra/purring boa’ (‘spottkobra/kurrande pälsboa’). 🙂

The next day went much better for Alessandro’s inter-cat relations, and Skeletor and the little one seem to have a great time together. Watch and melt!

Many hugs to little Alessandro and Skeletor! Thank you, Ellinor, for taking such a good care of Alessandro and for sending us photos and the video!

(Cooming soon – Antoine in LuleĂĄ!)

Buy a kitten from us!

Edited, August 2010: all the kittens have moved to their new homes, except for Albert, the white Siamese, that we decided to keep. 

We found the best homes and humans for our kittens, or, actually – they found us. However it was, I know for certain that all of our little sweethearts are and will continue to be very loved and spoiled at their new owners. 

July 2010: Our homepage is up, and the ads are out.

Here is the link to the ‘Buy a kitten from us’ page – in Swedish, and here in English! The kittens can move to their new owners in the middle of August 2010 at earliest.

Jossan and kittens, four weeks old

Our kittens are delivered:

– At least 12 weeks old, weighing at least 1 kg

– With a pedigree, registered i SVERAK (FIFe)

– Vaccinated twice

– Dewormed

– Id-marked with a chip

– Had a health checkup within a week before they move to their new owner

– Insured against hidden defects for 3 years (not to be confused with the health and life insurance, you should insure your new kitten yourself, as soon as it moves in with you!)

– Given a lot of love, care and contact during their first 3 months of life

– Fed with high quality food (we prefer raw food for our cats, of the best quality)

– We will always be available to advise you and help you with our support and knowledge. Our love and care for kittens we breed started even before they were born, and will last as long as they live.

Little explorers




This evening, the first time ever, the kittens have left the igloo on their own and took a short walk, led by two blue/chocolate girls and a lilac boy (mini Leroy, he is his grandfather’s little copy).

During the nights and when we are not in the apartment, there is a ‘wall’ in front of the igloo, so that the kittens cannot exit, only Jossan.

The signs

We think that Jossan is pregnant!

She sleeps a lot and is much calmer since she came back from Goofy. She threw up twice in the mornings last week, and she almost never throws up. Last week her nipples became pink in color. She started gaining weight.

So exciting!

We bought her food for kittens and she takes some yogurt and milk for cats daily. Otherwise she eats as usual; 3 different kinds of dry food are always in the bowls. The cats also eat either raw beef, canned chicken breast or canned tuna daily.

Love between a cat and her human

Jocke took this picture last summer. He took a photo while I was talking to Jossan, and she was looking at me, occasionally meowing back.

There is so much love between us; she is my cat and I am her human, and I really feel that that love got captured on this photo – you can see it in her eyes, in the angle of my head when I am talking to her, in her whole body posture.

I miss Jossan a lot today. We left her at Flippen’s place again. Their dating did not work out that well last autumn. She did not allow him to approach her at all, and the poor guy lost his interest after a few days of trying hard. But, now Jossan is in heat again, and we’ll see if she accepts the handsome boy this time.

Maven wants Jimmy Choo’s

Maven, our black smoke kitty, is a real snow cat. Her fur is thick and fluffy, yet silky, and she feels no cold even when it is -10°C.

I wanted to get her some little snow boots for cats, but she refuses to have anything that is not made by Jimmy Choo!

Well, dear Jimmy Choo or whoever is behind that brand; luckily for you, my cat does not weigh more than 4 kg and I can carry her easily when her little paws freeze.

Still, if more cats are as picky as our Maven, I would recommend that you better start making some fancy models for our little feline friends, because they are spoiled and they know what they want; they want – Jimmy Choo’s!