Day 23

The kittens are very cute, but it is so hard to take pictures of them since they are moving all the time! In a week or so it will be easier, then they can be distracted and focus on one thing, now everything is interesting and new!

I like one picture that Jocke took today, which turned out a bit artistic; it was overexposed, but you can see those pretty baby blue eyes on the little white girl.

My sun!

Albert loves to lie in the sun. There is plenty of space on the couch close to the window, on the floor, on the cat furniture…

But sometimes Albert wants all the 20 sqm of sunny spots for himself! Greedy Albert!

"Bad Miii! Go away from my sun! MY SUN!"

But, Miii is so cute! She deserves all the sunny spots in the world! Albert is still small and silly and has moments when he wants EVERYTHING for himself.

"Look at me! I am so cute!"

Albert had a date!

Did you know that in Norway they do not have only Norwegian Forest Cats, they also have beautiful Siamese!

Arwen (NO*Masked Bandits April in Paris)

Arwen (NO*Masked Bandits April in Paris), a beautiful blue point Siamese lady from Norway came to us over the weekend (she was here for about 30 hours) to visit Albert.

Both Albert and Arwen were inexperienced, but two important factors were just right:

1. Arwen is a very brave and at the same time gentle lady that did not let the voyage distress her too much and she did not totally despise the little almost 10 months old white Bebis who seemed to have a huge admiration for her. She was not too crazy about him, but she did not hate him.

"Jag tycker om dig!"..."Jeg liker deg ikke!" (photo by Janne Flusund)

Well, it could have been a better start, some would say. What about love at first site and all? But, for Albert that ‘not really hate’ was more than enough. So we come to the factor #2

2. Albert was very goal-driven since he was a kitten; while his siblings played and dragged toys around just to fall asleep exhausted next to their mommy, Albert killed toys paying a great attention to detail, for a long time, barking and growling at them like a little dog, not a cat; disintegrating them with precision and dedicataton you thought only Dexter had. He had the same approach with Arwen. Precision and dedication. Only, now it was about attraction, not killing.

Albert: "Precision and dedication"

Albert rolled like a girl, talked, sang, circled around the tough blue beauty, tried everything. She hissed a bit at him, showed a paw, ignored him, tried to stare him to death, but he just continued to sing… 6 hours later there was a familiar sound from their room you cannot mistake for anything else. An event!

Albert and Arwen continued dating during the night and the next day, completely exhausted towards the Sunday evening. Arwen and her matte had to fly back to Oslo, but it seemed that the love birds had the job done, so to say. Albert was so tired when Arwen left, he just lied on the couch and slept and slept… He played a bit with us this morning before we went to work and greeted us and played when we came home, but now he is sleeping again. He is back to being just a kitten, our all crazy 1st class stud of a great determination and not so bad skill (apparently). But now all he cares about is his toys and to cuddle with us. “Girls” – what is that? Give me my rats! Our little white guy is Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde impersonated in a cat.

It's been a hard day's night...

We keep our fingers crossed that Arwen stayed pregnant and that there will be some nice tempered beautiful Norwegian-Swedish Aceso Siamese in the near future! Arwen’s matte has a blogg here and her cattery name is Aceso. Also, check out this vidio of Arwen taken by her matte. Arwen is one smart cat!

Help with the curtains

Our cats love to participate in everything we do.

Usually they are pretty careful and just look at us doing things, being supportive, but sometimes they cannot resist the urge to get involved. They are so helpful, it is in their nature! Here is Albert, helping me with the curtains…

We lived in an apartment earlier, which we arranged in a bit sterile, modern style, but this house requires different style and it takes some time to live in it and feel what suites the interior. It is fun to arrange things, and all the help makes it so much easier… hm. Or, does it? Well, this is how that window turned out, not so bad we think.

Butterfly curtains

We are arranging one of the rooms as ‘the kitty room’, where we keep their furniture, clean towels, beds, some of our books etc.

In the future this is where we will have the kittens when they are small. Right now the litter boxes are also there, but we will place them in the cellar later.

We kept the wallpaper on one wall (put by the previous house owners). This was one of their children rooms, and there are butterflies on the wallpaper. We thought it looks cute in the kitty room.

We also bought a curtain with butterflies as well and yesterday we put that up. Ribbons were highly appreciated!

(För er som bor i Sverige – vi köpte gardinen här: hissgardin Audrey . Jag tror att det finns tyg och gardinlängder med samma mönster).

Albert and his siblings turned 8 months yesterday. They all are big and healthy and loved.

Here is Albert, enjoying the new curtain!

Albert hears well (as if we didn’t know that…)

We took Albert to an animal hospital today. Not our usual one, but to the one with a special equipment; we had to test Albert’s hearing. He is white, and all cats that have dominant white pigment, must not be deaf if they will be used in breeding.

White Siamese are different than other all-white cats; they are not deaf more often than non-white cats (that is – if parents are not carriers of red pigment). If you want to know more about white Siamese (Foreign Whites), you can read an interesting article here. Another interesting and informative post about Foreign Whites, in Swedish, can be found here.

We know that Albert is not deaf, but the test had to be done anyway.

Poor Albert, we had to let the veterinary sedate him and put all these needles it the little one to examine the response in his brain to the sound waves. Look at our poor kitten, he is sleeping. His eyes are not completely closed, and they put him special eye-drops to keep them moist since he cannot blink while sedated.

All these needles and drugs... Not fun! You know that I am not deaf, I only have selective hearing!

I did not walk all over Jocke's orchids because I did not hear his 'NO'. I just could not resist admiring them!

Well, his hearing IS excellent, even the machine said so, and now we have all the pappers if we are going to use him for breeding. He is our little furry baby, and he will not be stud for a long time (cats, especially male, are much happier and more relaxed when neutered. They think only about cuddling and playing, not about girls, girls, girls… maumaumau). But, it would be good for awfully slim numbers of white Siamese in Scandinavia if he had some white (or masked) offspring that could also contribute further to the Siamese and FW gene pool in Sweden.

BTW, there is no difference between masked offsprings of white Siamese and other masked siamese with ‘ordinary’ (non-white) Siamese parents. The white gene is dominant (if a cat is white, it can pass the white gene further, if it is not white, it cannot be a dominant white gene carrier and pass it further on its offspring).

Albert, almost 8 months old, is examined and healthy, and his hearing is fine (we have never had any doubts about that 🙂 ). If an owner of a non-red color carrier Siamese lady is interested in meeting Albert in winter/spring 2011, you may mail us at info [at) so we can talk about it. We live in Stockholm, Sweden.

To go where no cat has gone before… or?

It is that time of the year when a beautiful flower called amaryllis blossoms. Amaryllis is not a flower that cats should chew on, since it can cause vomiting, diarrhea, depression, lack of appetite and other kind of nasty symptoms.

Although cats are not all crazy to chew on the things that are poisonous for them, our Albert is still very young and likes to chew on whatever. So, we lifted amaryllis high on the book shelf where it’s supposed to live until Jelena’s mother takes it with her (Jelena’s parents are visiting and her mom, a dog person who never owned a cat, only dogs, bought an amaryllis plant).

Albert saw the flower and of course it looked yummy and the little long cat tried to reach it:

Look, there is something up there. I want it!

If I stretch just a little bit more...

Oh, no, I am falling!

Albert property laws

This is Albert’s first Christmas and he is delighted with all the ornaments! He likes to drag and carry them around, and chew on the branches.

I’ve tried real tree, plastic tree, hoping he will leave something alone, but, nope – he likes it all, nothing is safe and everything is tasty.

Every morning the poor Christmas tree is disintegrated and the ornaments lie all over the living room.

The worst was when he just discovered the beauty of everything that goes with Christmas.  Now, two weeks later, Albert is a bit less creative with his constant rearrangements of our living space, but still not uncreative enough, to put it that way…

I am helping!


How do you mean - I can't eat that?

Yes, I can!

Why are you here? That is mine!

You too! Go away! Mine!

Crowded? No! There is always enough space to fit me! And - more glitter!



It is getting cold in Stockholm and we lighted a fire for the first time this autumn last week. Albert never saw a fire before and he was completely hypnotized by the view. And – the warmth! The sounds!

Later when the fireplace cooled down he jumped over the protection and put his head into the chimney. He looks like panda now. I managed to clean his body, but not around the eyes.

But this is how it looked when there was fire!

Last week we tested Leroy’s blood values, urea and creatinine, and everything was fine. We checked him once earlier, before he was paired with Hannah. We also tested Josssan before she was paired. I thought to test the cats every few years, because one can detect problems with kidneys well before the symptoms show. If the issues are detected early, a change in cat’s diet can prevent illness and a possible kidney failure. Siamese are not more predisposed to urinary tract diseases than the other cat races are, but I feel that if there is something one can do so that they can live long and healthy lives, I want to do it. And that includes occasional tests.


Albert, 15 weeks old

Albert weighs 1870 gr today. I am very glad we kept him, he is so loving and sweet. Also, Siamese who love groups can be two and two now. Still, most of the time they spend all together. When they sleep it can be a bit different. Maven, Miii and Leroy can sleep close to each other. And Jossan and Albert somewhere else, curled together. Still, most of the time all are in bed with us, and one or both of us humans often wakes up freezing, since the blanket is gone, and the little thieves are lying all curled up in the stolen goods.

Albert is very curious, and in temper he is both active and serene. Very secure kitten. He likes to sit and watch how we work (we are moving to a house soon, and are very busy with everything that goes with it). Here is a picture of him I took two days ago:

Kittens, 7,5 weeks old

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Our kittens got names after famous scientists whose first names start with ‘A’: Alessandro Volta, an Italian physicist; Archimedes of Syracuse, a Greek mathematician, physicist and astronomer; Albert Einstein, a theoretical physicist, philosopher and author; Augusta Ada King, Countess of Lovelace, a writer and the world’s first computer programmer; Augustin-Louis Cauchy, a French mathematician; Alfred Bernhard Nobel, a Swedish chemist, engineer and innovator and Antoine Lavoisier,  a French chemist.

We are happy with the new homes the kittens will be going to. Beside nice humans who will adore them, all of them will have a cat friend there.

Archimedes will live with Misty, a (now) 10 months old Cornish Rex; Alessandro will move in with Skeletor, a mixed breed with a behavior of an Oriental cat; Ada and Alfred will move together to their new home; Augustine will move to a new home where he will live with 5 years old Elora, and Antoine will move in with another Siamese guy, almost 4 years old Frasse. Albert will probably stay with us.

Here is a few pictures taken yesterday. Antoine and Alessandro were too fast to be caught on camera!

Buy a kitten from us!

Edited, August 2010: all the kittens have moved to their new homes, except for Albert, the white Siamese, that we decided to keep. 

We found the best homes and humans for our kittens, or, actually – they found us. However it was, I know for certain that all of our little sweethearts are and will continue to be very loved and spoiled at their new owners. 

July 2010: Our homepage is up, and the ads are out.

Here is the link to the ‘Buy a kitten from us’ page – in Swedish, and here in English! The kittens can move to their new owners in the middle of August 2010 at earliest.

Jossan and kittens, four weeks old

Our kittens are delivered:

– At least 12 weeks old, weighing at least 1 kg

– With a pedigree, registered i SVERAK (FIFe)

– Vaccinated twice

– Dewormed

– Id-marked with a chip

– Had a health checkup within a week before they move to their new owner

– Insured against hidden defects for 3 years (not to be confused with the health and life insurance, you should insure your new kitten yourself, as soon as it moves in with you!)

– Given a lot of love, care and contact during their first 3 months of life

– Fed with high quality food (we prefer raw food for our cats, of the best quality)

– We will always be available to advise you and help you with our support and knowledge. Our love and care for kittens we breed started even before they were born, and will last as long as they live.

Dating time again!

Jossan’s dates with the dark handsome guy, Flippen, did not work out. Jossan did not get pregnant in spite of three dates they had and her being very much in heat. She simply never accepted him as a mating partner. We liked Flippen, very much so, but Jossan did not.

Two months ago we did the FIV/FeLV tests again and started looking for a new date. It was not easy. I secretly suspected Jossan to be a racist, as shameful as it may sound. I talked to the veterinary about it, and apparently, that is not a phenomenon unheard of – it happens with some dogs and cats that they dislike the partner we choose for them if they are extremely different in color. That puzzles me; one would think that nature encourages diversity and that mixing of different genes is good for species (and quite a difference in color can be a good indicator for variations of genes), but no, something is apparently not quite right with that reasoning. Whatever the reason is, Jossan seemed to dislike Flippen and I suspected it was because of his color. So I started looking for a Siamese/Oriental that is light in color.

After some time I found a cat I liked on pictures, and whose pedigree was an excellent match for Jossan‘s; the white prince, IC Edo Créma de Luxe, M, SIA w 67. His pet name is Goofy.

Here is the picture I got from his owner, Sofie. The picture does not do him justice, Goofy is more handsome in person. His tail seems short on the picture, but it is a bad angle, it is actually quite long.

Goofy has the most amazing set of deep blue eyes, tight and silky fur, white as snow. A white beauty! Those beauties are hard to find, there is not so many of white Siamese (or – Foreign Whites) in Sweden, or anywhere, really.

Goofy is not extreme in type, but he has all the good parameters. He is a very alert young male cat with strong muscles and magical appearance. Also, he seemed social and not afraid or shy. I talked with his owner, Sofie, a few times on the phone before we met and it felt right from the start. They live in Sala, about 110km from Stockholm and we went there with Jossan last weekend, when she was about 2-3 days into her new heat cycle.

And, you know what – my little racist loved the white charmer! She was cuddled next to him in the same cat-bed after less than two days she had spent there! We do not know whether they successfully mated, but we hope they did, the right sounds are reported to had come from their room. In two-three weeks we will know!

Joakim took Jossan’s picture, and the one of Goofy I got from Sofie.

Jossan is back at home now, and she is still a bit in heat, but that is not uncommon. Whether or not a female cat mates, her estrus cycle will last about seven days, and sometimes longer.

The thing is that cats also have their preferences and taste, and we pick their partners according to their pedigree, show results, or whichever other parameters we find important, but our little darlings simply may not like our choice. We do not know best. In nature they would have more freedom to choose. Jossan is one strong-willed cat, with a lot of integrity. And this time it seems we managed to find the cat she liked and accepted as a potential father for her kittens. So exciting!