Almost 3 weeks old

Tomorrow, May 23 the kittens from the A-litter turn one year, and their little siblings turn 3 weeks! ūüôā

The kittens moved to the nice big kitten house we bought from Germany, and Leroy and Albert love to sit with them. They sometimes sleep next to them, sometimes they lick them clean! The big cats are very enthusiastic about the hygiene. ūüôā

The small ones started to be playful and are attacking and biting the big ones, but Leroy and Albert are very patient with them. They do not even try to discipline them yet, they seem to be aware of that the kittens are too small.

(It is never this bright in the tipi like it is on the picture. There are curtains in the room that shade the kitten house, but I moved them so I could take the photos without the flash).

"Stop licking me, grandpa!"

All of Jossan’s all-white children, one big and two small ones:

The individual pictures of the kittens, taken today are here: 20 days old.

Three generations

"Mom, you are almost as big as grandpa!"

Jossan, Albert and Leroy were resting on their favorite blanket  last evening.

Jossan is much smaller than Leroy otherwise, but now her weight went from 2,9kg before the pregnancy to 4,1kg. There is about 10-13 days to go. I think that there may be six kittens this time, but I do not know for sure. Jossan’s weight gain was about the same as before, a bit lower, but that could do with a two days error in the estimated time of arrival.

So exciting! Yesterday I’ve ordered a new kitten house and cushions from Germany, made out of a new high quality material that has no loops so that the claws of small kittens can not get stuck in them, and it is also washable in 60 degrees.

I cannot wait for the kittens to arrive!

1st prize!

Last week we won the 1:st prize on Siameslinjens (our cat club) photo competition for our ‘Birdwatching’ picture! 42 photos were sent in, some of them very nice. I was so happy! It is one of those pictures I had to take very fast, in order to seize the moment when the cats were sitting so nicely in the window, equidistant, like little ornaments shaped as cats.

I had the light in the background, could not use the flash, did not have much time to focus, but it was a nice situation and a not so bad composition. The judge’s motivation for awarding the 1:st prize to this photo was “f√∂r sin utpr√§glade vardagssurrealism” (“for its striking surrealism of everyday life”).

We are very happy! ūüôā

Everybody loves sheep

A month ago we bought a sheep-shaped soft pillow that caused a lot of excitement in our cat group. It is funny with cats. Sometimes you buy them a toy you are certain they will love, but they do not care about it all. At other times, some, in your eyes, very boring thing becomes an immediate hit. We thought they might like the sheep, but we did not expect that it will be so popular. (We bought the sheep in Chilli, they have a store close to where we live).

Maven was the first to hug, pet and take care of her sheep friend. She would clean herself, walk all over the sheep, put it in the right shape and then sleep on it or beside it.

But, then, Leroy also liked the sheep. He was jealous of Maven and stole the sheep whenever he could.

Leroy also loves the sheep

Then the other cats wanted the sheep as well.

After a few weeks of occasional quarreling about the sheep, we went and bought them 3 more sheep! One in beige color as the first one, and two white ones.  Of course, NO ONE wanted any sheep when there were so many around, but after a few days, everyone loves sheep again.

Jossan licking the sheep goodnight

Everyone loves sheep!

Siamese and the white sheep


The winner takes it all. Or?

Well, no. Last Friday, in our cat group was more like – Leroy takes it all.

This picture of Miii and Albert posing in front of the Christmas tree won the 3rd prize (shared) on the Siames i Fokus Christmas 2010 competition and our prize arrived in the mailbox two days ago! Three yummy furry mice toys! (Thank you Nilla!)

Albert apparently thought that he and Miii were the ones who deserved the prize the most, since they posed for the picture, and went eagerly for the mice, but Leroy thought that such an opinion was ridiculous. He tossed two of the mice under the sofa immediately and then started playing with the third one. Alone!

Oh, that is a yummy mouse!

Albert, you may watch while I am playing with the mouse.

Look, the mouse is flying! I am flying!

Someone help!!! Grandpa Leroy is a big bully! Muaaaaaaa

Butterfly curtains

We are arranging one of the rooms as ‘the kitty room’, where we keep their furniture, clean towels, beds, some of our books etc.

In the future this is where we will have the kittens when they are small. Right now the litter boxes are also there, but we will place them in the cellar later.

We kept the wallpaper on one wall (put by the previous house owners). This was one of their children rooms, and there are butterflies on the wallpaper. We thought it looks cute in the kitty room.

We also bought a curtain with butterflies as well and yesterday we put that up. Ribbons were highly appreciated!

(För er som bor i Sverige Рvi köpte gardinen här: hissgardin Audrey . Jag tror att det finns tyg och gardinlängder med samma mönster).

Albert and his siblings turned 8 months yesterday. They all are big and healthy and loved.

Here is Albert, enjoying the new curtain!


This is how it looked on the upper floor when we just moved in. Jossan and Leroy are exploring the new space.

And this is how the living room looks a week later. Maven likes to lie in boxes, but bags are also good. Soft plastic bags are dangerous for cats in the same way they are dangerous for small children and we are trying not to leave them around. This is a bag made of thicker and harder plastic.

I am sorry about the flash, Maven! (Though it is funny, those shiny eyes make Maven look like a little cat-robot!).

Here is a bigger picture of a small part of our mess:

Moving soon

The moving company truck is coming in 8 hours. We still have so much to pack and also, we have to disassemble some pretty big pieces of furniture. We have 2 more weeks to move, but then we have to do it ourselves, by car. We are trying to pack as much as we can now.

The cats are helping, of course!

Miii is checking if everything is closed properly.

‘You are not leaving without me!’

Leroy is tired, he has been helping us all day. Albert and Jossan are taking a nap as well:

I am tired and just now I wish I were one of my cats…

Back to packing!


It is getting cold in Stockholm and we lighted a fire for the first time this autumn last week. Albert never saw a fire before and he was completely hypnotized by the view. And – the warmth! The sounds!

Later when the fireplace cooled down he jumped over the protection and put his head into the chimney. He looks like panda now. I managed to clean his body, but not around the eyes.

But this is how it looked when there was fire!

Last week we tested Leroy’s blood values, urea and creatinine, and everything was fine. We checked him once earlier, before he was paired with Hannah. We also tested Josssan before she was paired. I thought to test the cats every few years, because one can detect problems with kidneys well before the symptoms show. If the issues are detected early, a change in cat’s diet can prevent illness and a possible kidney failure. Siamese are not more predisposed to urinary tract diseases than the other cat races are, but I feel that if there is something one can do so that they can live long and healthy lives, I want to do it. And that includes occasional tests.


Archimedes against vaccine

It is a bit hard to type, since Archimedes is lying on my left arm and I cannot use it. He is resting on his pillow next to us right now, but he was sleeping next to his siblings in the afternoon (both he and they were very upset he was not there with them, so we put him back when they are resting. When they are running around and wrestling, we have to get him out of there, or protect him).

Here is he, to the right, sleeping next to Alfred (looking at the camera) and Ada this afternoon:

Archimedes’ body temperature goes up and down, and he is still tired, but we’ve managed to feed him regularly, so he got all the nutrients and water he needs. He weighs 30 gr more than before we went to the vet (saline certainly helped a lot). Leroy is licking him here, while Archimedes is resting on his pillow that we put on the sofa in the living room:

Leroy and the kittens

Grandfather Leroy was curious, excited and a bit scared from the day one, but now when the kittens started crawling around he really likes to jump in the play-pen to lick and watch them.

He even went into the tipi when Jossan left them for a minute and licked the ones who slept there.

We were very cautious with Leroy being around the kittens, since he is male (although neutered), and the small ones took away his Jossan from him, but he is behaving well so far, and we are always close when he is with them.

He was a very good father when Jossan was small and brought her up, so we guess he will be a good grandfather also. Only, when Jossan arrived, she was three months old. These kittens are small and very fragile.

Still, he is very careful around them and when they attack him in huge numbers, he moves to another place.

Big Jossan


Some time ago, this is how the Siamese used to lie together, on a pile in one of their beds:

Please, notice: Jossan is the smallest one, lying in the middle of the pile.


This is how they look together today (sorry, Miii, you are out of the picture and out of our bed…)

Pregnant Jossan, much bigger than before, is hugging Leroy:

Miii gets slimmer

Miii weighs 3,7kg now. She lost 0,6 kg since she moved to us and got to run outside and in the apartment together with our other cats.¬†Her body¬†looks a lot like her dad’s now, although she has a bigger frame than her sister Jossan. Daily wrestling with Leroy will keep her stay¬†in shape.

Siamese are very slim and muscular cats, of¬†medium weight and great lenghts. Still, some of them do get a bit overweight if they do not get enough exercise. Well,¬†Miii’s days as being¬†overweight are over!

I filmed one of their wrestling episodes a few days ago. It is a bit hard to catch them with a camera being ready… it is much¬†easier taking shots of flowers. ūüėÄ

Miii (Angel) is the darker one, the blue point Siamese. At the end of the clip, you can notice Jossan, a little white spectator watching from a cat transport cage that was temporarily on the floor. Jossan likes to watch our other cats play, and sometimes she joins them, sometimes not.


We call Angel “Miii”. That was the sound she makes sometimes (pronounced as “meee” in English), when she wants attention. She is used to be called¬†“Miii” now and we think it suits her well.

Miii did not want to come home when it got dark this evening. I called her, and she did not come.

Usually the Siamese stay out only for a short while, unless we are out with them. They are never out if we are not at home. Maven is allowed more, since she is “street smart”, and also, she likes to stay out longer. The¬†Siamese like to be close to their humans, but it is good for them to run out a bit and eat grass when the weather is warm and it is not raining. They like a lot when we are out gardening, they are always “helping” us.

So, this evening, Leroy and Jossan were inside and Leroy got upset hat Miii did not want to come home.  I let him out and he found Miii and took her home! 

Leroy was totally crazy and wild when he was small, but now he has became a very responsible cat who takes care of the other members of the cat family. Cats mature socially between 2 and 4 years of age. He is about 2,5 years old now.

Cat pile


This picture could not have been taken before one week stay at a cat hostel. Spending time together on a much less space than usual does wonders for their love for each other. Every time we got them back from there they were nicer towards each other.

Our cats always stay at Solgl√§ntans kattpensionat when we are out of town for a longer time. One day they can be without us. Two – four days they can be at home with a cat-sitter. Usually our friend Thomas takes care of the little ones. He sits and codes on his computer and they let him. ūüôā

They take good care of our and other kitties in Solgläntans. They are cat enthusiasts that also take care of homeless cats and find them good homes. That is their primary area of engagement. If you live in Stockholm area and need a good place to leave your kitty while on vacation, we warmly recommend Solgläntans kattpensionat.

A new pillow

Here are Leroy and Angel occupying the new pillow they got yesterday. Angel has intense blue colored eyes, and Leroy has amazing dark lilac eyes; their true color is hard to catch on camera. Lilac and chocolate point Siamese have that lilac shade of their blue colored eyes that other Siamese do not have. All Siamese have blue eyes, and that gene is not connected to deafness.


Leroy weighs 4,2kg and Angel 4,3 kg, but he is more muscular.¬†Angel is running a lot with the other cats since she came to us and is getting leaner. Jossan is very lean and small cat, 2,9kg. That is okay for a Siamese. Leroy’s mom, girls’ grandmother,¬†is also lean and thin, but Jossan’s and Angel’s mom, Hannah,¬†is quite big boned, and Angel has inherited her build, but Leroy’s length. Their half brother, one of Hannah’s sons, LillFrank,¬†weighs 6,5 kg! He is not really fat, he is very muscular and big.

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Nice weather

It is a nice sunny day in Sweden, third or fourth in a row, and I am amazed and happy. I forgot how summer feels. It feels good. The cats have been outside the whole day and we have been gardening for hours.


This is Leroy, who stopped for a a moment when he heard me calling him from the balcony, while he was running around like crazy. This is the only picture I took that does not look like an unidentifiable white blob in the middle of the field. 



We always get so happy when we see bumble bees on our balcony or in the garden.



This is Sweden. We who live here love sun, too, but we do not get to see it¬†as much as we would like to.¬† But, when we do, it’s a blast.

Grooming time


Cats care a lot about their beauty and hygiene. In average they spend at least an hour per day engaged in grooming activities. Here, Leroy is licking Angel clean.

Sometimes the cats¬†lick¬†our hands or faces,¬†too. Their tongues are not really smooth, they¬†feel like sandpaper. We enjoy it anyway. ūüôā

The Towel Must Die










At least once every day one can hear a rebel yell from our bathroom, from Leroy, a very special one, that we translate to “The towel must die”.

Leroy yells loudly as he jumps up on the edge of the bath tub and starts wrestling with a towel hanging on the towel drier.

Leroy usually wins in his wrestling match, which results in the towel falling on his head and dragging him into the bath tub. A bit more wrestling, and our little winner emerges out of under the towel, happy and satisfied.

“Mau mau mauuuuuuuu, come and see me, I won!”

Jossan does not really wrestle, but she likes to join Leroy after the fight is done and pretend she won as well.