Leroy and the kittens

Grandfather Leroy was curious, excited and a bit scared from the day one, but now when the kittens started crawling around he really likes to jump in the play-pen to lick and watch them.

He even went into the tipi when Jossan left them for a minute and licked the ones who slept there.

We were very cautious with Leroy being around the kittens, since he is male (although neutered), and the small ones took away his Jossan from him, but he is behaving well so far, and we are always close when he is with them.

He was a very good father when Jossan was small and brought her up, so we guess he will be a good grandfather also. Only, when Jossan arrived, she was three months old. These kittens are small and very fragile.

Still, he is very careful around them and when they attack him in huge numbers, he moves to another place.


Almost there… day #59 or #57

We are not sure if the first day of pregnancy was Monday the 15th of March or Wednesday, two days after that. Goofy and Jossan did not kiss and tell, not really. But Jossan is so unbelievably big, and the kittens are moving a lot at times.

It is amazing to just sit and watch the small ones move inside of her. She could deliver any time starting from Sunday the 16th of May to Sunday the 23rd of May. We do not know how long it will take, this is her first pregnancy. But we are almost there!

Love between a cat and her human

Jocke took this picture last summer. He took a photo while I was talking to Jossan, and she was looking at me, occasionally meowing back.

There is so much love between us; she is my cat and I am her human, and I really feel that that love got captured on this photo – you can see it in her eyes, in the angle of my head when I am talking to her, in her whole body posture.

I miss Jossan a lot today. We left her at Flippen’s place again. Their dating did not work out that well last autumn. She did not allow him to approach her at all, and the poor guy lost his interest after a few days of trying hard. But, now Jossan is in heat again, and we’ll see if she accepts the handsome boy this time.

Cat pile


This picture could not have been taken before one week stay at a cat hostel. Spending time together on a much less space than usual does wonders for their love for each other. Every time we got them back from there they were nicer towards each other.

Our cats always stay at Solgl√§ntans kattpensionat when we are out of town for a longer time. One day they can be without us. Two – four days they can be at home with a cat-sitter. Usually our friend Thomas takes care of the little ones. He sits and codes on his computer and they let him. ūüôā

They take good care of our and other kitties in Solgläntans. They are cat enthusiasts that also take care of homeless cats and find them good homes. That is their primary area of engagement. If you live in Stockholm area and need a good place to leave your kitty while on vacation, we warmly recommend Solgläntans kattpensionat.

A new pillow

Here are Leroy and Angel occupying the new pillow they got yesterday. Angel has intense blue colored eyes, and Leroy has amazing dark lilac eyes; their true color is hard to catch on camera. Lilac and chocolate point Siamese have that lilac shade of their blue colored eyes that other Siamese do not have. All Siamese have blue eyes, and that gene is not connected to deafness.


Leroy weighs 4,2kg and Angel 4,3 kg, but he is more muscular.¬†Angel is running a lot with the other cats since she came to us and is getting leaner. Jossan is very lean and small cat, 2,9kg. That is okay for a Siamese. Leroy’s mom, girls’ grandmother,¬†is also lean and thin, but Jossan’s and Angel’s mom, Hannah,¬†is quite big boned, and Angel has inherited her build, but Leroy’s length. Their half brother, one of Hannah’s sons, LillFrank,¬†weighs 6,5 kg! He is not really fat, he is very muscular and big.

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Jossan yawns!


This picture is the first proof caught on camera that Josephine and Angel started tolerating each other. The sisters got separated when they were 12 weeks old and met again a year later, when Angel moved to our place. Jossan was very jealous at start, but it has been getting better really fast.

So, everyone is either yawning or sleeping, but I can’t. It has been sunny¬†outside for a few hours now. During the summer we get a bit of darkness here, between¬†11PM and 02AM, now¬†when the day is longest. If I miss that window to fall asleep, I just turn into a non-sleeping zombie and in the worst case¬†do not sleep at all until the next dark period. If I am lucky, I fall asleep around 4AM. Well, not today. :/

Black masked Siamese




Leroy and Josephine are two pure breed lilac point Siamese cats, right. SIA c. But, Leroy decided that he has to toughen up his image and went BLACK!

What really happened is that the little boy pushed his head in the chimney while examining our cold fireplace, always looking for even more sources of warmth… and then came for a bit of hugging with Jelena who was focusing on something else and did not notice anything weird.

Joakim caught two black faces on camera.