Hello world! C-litter is here!

Jossan gave birth to six beautiful Siamese kittens yesterday, May 17, two days before we expected the delivery.

I was sick at home for two days and yesterday even Jocke was at home, since it was a holiday in Sweden  and it appears that Jossan thought that it was a good opportunity to deliver the babies. She started showing that it is delivery time about 14h, but then we were not sure if it was just a drill. She decided to deliver them in our bed, it seemed, so Jocke gently took her up to the room that was meant for the kittens. We just had steamed it yesterday morning and the clean kitten towels were tumble drying when she started!

5 out of 6 kittens came out with tail first, which is less common and a bit harder for mom. They weighed 94, 96, 92, 92, 92 and 106 grams and are all pretty even in size and looks. I did not check their gender. The first one was born at 16:00 and the last one at 20:41. Jossan was tired, and we cleaned the kittens as they were delivered, and cleaned her and cut the umbilical cords as usual. After she was done, we moved her and the kittens into another, clean tipi and put new sheets and towels in there.

I had fever (still sick) and were so scared that something would go wrong, but I held Jossan’s paws during the whole delivery and talked soothingly to her and pretended I were brave. Everything went well! Our brave cat!

This morning we weighed the small ones again and they went up in weight and weigh between 100 and 114 gr now. Not bad! 🙂

They are very alert, and when I came this morning they even hissed at me. 🙂 They are blind and deaf, they only feel smells and warmth now. I did not smell like mom, I guess, so our mini lions showed their lion heart, not even a day old, and tried to scare me away from their nest by hissing! I love cats, they are amazing animals with big hearts. Here are some pictures of Jossan’s small wonders.

Siamese kittens, almost one day old!

Jossan is eating well, and we feed her mostly in the tipi. She is such a good mom, she does not want to leave her babies at all now.

C-litter, day 1

C litter, day 1

C litter, day 1

Small Siamese babies are the softest pillows ever!

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