The winner takes it all. Or?

Well, no. Last Friday, in our cat group was more like – Leroy takes it all.

This picture of Miii and Albert posing in front of the Christmas tree won the 3rd prize (shared) on the Siames i Fokus Christmas 2010 competition and our prize arrived in the mailbox two days ago! Three yummy furry mice toys! (Thank you Nilla!)

Albert apparently thought that he and Miii were the ones who deserved the prize the most, since they posed for the picture, and went eagerly for the mice, but Leroy thought that such an opinion was ridiculous. He tossed two of the mice under the sofa immediately and then started playing with the third one. Alone!

Oh, that is a yummy mouse!

Albert, you may watch while I am playing with the mouse.

Look, the mouse is flying! I am flying!

Someone help!!! Grandpa Leroy is a big bully! Muaaaaaaa