The towel must die (part three)

We live with three generations of famous towel-killers.

“Mauuu mau mauuuu”, the first we hear the rebel yell from the bathroom, and then we find Albert proudly standing on the towel he wrestled down and killed for good.

Remember these two pictures (taken 2,5 and 1,5 years ago; Leroy and then Leroy and Jossan)? Well, now their little grandchild/child does the same. 🙂

The Towel Must Die










At least once every day one can hear a rebel yell from our bathroom, from Leroy, a very special one, that we translate to “The towel must die”.

Leroy yells loudly as he jumps up on the edge of the bath tub and starts wrestling with a towel hanging on the towel drier.

Leroy usually wins in his wrestling match, which results in the towel falling on his head and dragging him into the bath tub. A bit more wrestling, and our little winner emerges out of under the towel, happy and satisfied.

“Mau mau mauuuuuuuu, come and see me, I won!”

Jossan does not really wrestle, but she likes to join Leroy after the fight is done and pretend she won as well.